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What Now? w/ the Rad Mag

Add a Little Love to Your Window

Through their window I see,

A fluttering color.

A little closer, I see,

Adorable colorful hearts,

Waving at me.

the Rad Mag recommends ways to keep loving your zine after you're done reading.

If you're not saving her forever because she's the best thing you'v ever read and all of your friends totally fell in love with her already, the Rad Mag recommends using these brightly colored pages to make something new!


-back issue(s) of the Rad Mag (or any fun paper)


-yarn or twine, ribbon, etc.

-whole punch (a three hole punch will do!)


Cut your hearts out in any or many sizes! I removed the staples, cut the full size pages in half along the fold, then fold each half-page in half. Use the classic ear shaped line drawn at the fold, cut it out, unfold and hello adorable heart friend! Punch holes in the hump then run your yarn through them (I made sure to treat it like lacing shoes, always going in and out the same way on each heart). Tie up across a window for the world to see - a little love note from you to the wold!

Recommended in the Rad Mag Issue 5 | Breathe | Spring 2022


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