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What Now? w/ the Rad Mag

The spring in your present's step
Is only a snip and a curl away

the Rad Mag recommends ways to keep loving your zine after you’re done reading.

If you’re not saving her forever because she’s the best thing you’ve ever read, and all of your friends totally fell in love with her already, the Rad Mag recommends using these brightly colored pages to make something new!


-back issue(s) of the Rad Mag

-scissors (optional)


-tube-y object like a marker, pen, or pencil for curling


Cut or tear your zine into strips. Give them a curl by wrapping each one around your tube-y object, holding for a few seconds, then letting go! Once your pieces are all bounced out, assemble however you like! Layer them and tape or staple in the center to make a flower, or bunch as many of them together as possible to make a cascading tuft of curls! Either way, your present will be the springiest.

Mmm, crafty.

Recommended in the Rad Mag Issue 3 | Spook | Fall 2021


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