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specialties: research, grammar, and the Oxford comma

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Copy Editing

Formatting, style, and accuracy of text (including attention to use of tense, cliches, etc.).


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Page to screen! Story-style summary of a screenplay, novel, comic etc. as it translates to visual media. Treatments are often necessary when shopping a script and can be tremendously helpful with story editing and development! Have a comic or graphic novel you're ready to move to the screen? A treatment is a perfect way to tell your story, hit the big plot and character points, and keep your audience wanting more!  




Grammar, punctuation, spelling, and word usage ("technical edit"). A final pass before submitting for publication! 


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Developmental editing, ghostwriting, critiques, etc. are also available!

price per project

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Bios, product descriptions, and synopses can sometimes be the hardest pieces to produce - especially for your own work. A fresh set of eyes can make all the difference!

$0.10/word up to 1,000 words 

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Need editing assistance with something not exactly found here? Contact Candi Presents with inquiries on any editing service that pops into your brain!

Thanks for submitting!

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