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It's art and science! Politics and pop culture!

A chat show filled with super opinions and [gasp] real facts!

Join Candi and Noodle as they try to make sense of the world, muse on the human condition, and spread a little love. 

Warning: so much adult language.

Chacharone is hosted by: 

two relatively put together humans


writer, editor, producer

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Owner of Candi Presents,  bringing content of all kinds to the universe. She also co-hosts Mulder, it's us: An X-Files Podcast, edits books, and is a writer of varied things.


editor, producer

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Owner and head editor of Be Write, brand new parent

@booksandmybaby, and overall plan maker. The biggest bookworm you know with a lot of emphatic opinions.

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Various boob references

Lockin' the F Down Check-in

Whatchya Readin', Noodle?

Fuck white supremacy


Butt cheeks

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