Candi Presents...

shiny. crafty. gifty. delicious.

It's art and politics, science and pop culture! A new chat show filled with super opinions and [gasp] real facts!

Join Candi and Noodle as they try to make sense of the world, muse on the human condition, and spread a little love. And probably hardcore judge a few things. 

Warning: So much adult language.

A 2020 check in with Candi and Noodle and a look back at some S1 fun with a word association redux! We'll be back with new episodes this spring!

Fun ideas for the end of winter:
- Binge seasons 1 & 2 of Chacharone
- Get all your busy computer work done with no pants on
- Listen to S3E0: Sweet Year Hangover, out now!

Happy February ❤️
Whatchya Readin', Noodle? - Coming Soon! 


Mentioned in this episode:

Grab Bag Submissions


*Note: in accordance with the above, this was edited pantless.