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Gardening with Spring 2023 | 05/21/2023

the Rad Mag has very few tips for gardening. Mostly, she hopes for the best. And that’s okay. She knows it doesn’t always matter how much you learn, even the best note-takers fail. Sometimes, a little failure goes a long way. Happy doing stuff you love! Sundays are made for it.


You know what else Sundays are made for? Relaxing with sweet reads! Head over to and visit the Rad Mag for flash fiction and zine shopping. Use code TRY23 for 10% off any item in the Rad Mag shop section! ANY. ITEM. Sale for a limited time only. The warm hug of a special story that hits just right? That can last forever. Diamonds my ass.



📸 | Issue #9 | GROW | Spring 2023 in the garden


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