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It's summer 2020 and millions, possibly billions, of humans are shouting for change. Good change. The kind of change that opens up worlds. Humans are fed up living in the construct that serves so very few.  2020 has been a long-ass time coming. 2020 is always happening. stands with Black Lives Matter. We shouldn't have to say that. No human should have to explain to another that murder - genocide - is wrong. No human should have to say that another human is equal to, just as valuable, as they are. It's 20fucking20 and instead of stepping into the universe together we are still having the same arguments. I can only imagine how tired Black folks are. 


Some accounts and resources I've utilized for education, support, and amplification are listed here. When I feel lost, like I don't know what to do to help, I turn to my cultivated bubble buddies. The like-minded, far-reaching group of humans who are my personal think tank. Resources are discovered, stories get new life, and I always learn something. My connection to other humans, humans not like me, always grows. Maybe that sort of clicking brought you here. 


The internet is ours. Sharing information is how we win. Nothing stops the signal. will forever support true human freedom, expression, and the fight for peace. 


~ Candi


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