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the Rad Mag having fun

Spring 2023

the Rad Mag has very few tips for gardening. Mostly, she hopes for the best. And that’s okay. She knows it doesn’t always matter how much you learn, even the best note-takers fail. Sometimes, a little failure goes a long way. Happy doing stuff you love!

Winter 2022

the Rad Mag is finally getting around to the office party pics. Everyone is still catching up on January and getting ready for a super productive Q1. Just as soon as we get the tinsel out of the carpet. 

Holiday Party 2021.JPG

Happy Winter from the team! 

Fall 2021

Fall is here and the Rad Mag is ready to be your spooky best friend. It's the time of year for reflection and harvest, black tights and tight sweaters. Party with the weirdos and get your zine filled with spooky prose, human weirdness, and pulp noir today!

Fall_New Bitch in Town.JPG

Summer 2021

the Rad Mag is getting the most out of the end of summer. A day in the park is the perfect way to relax and get some (safe) rays! Sunshine is good for kites, picnics, and cooling off with sweet new reads. Get your zines filled with political poetry, mini pulp noir, and general human weirdness today!

photos by Jennifer Lane | @jennibcreative

art design by Candi Bartlett | @candipresents

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