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Candi Presents

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Pink Sugar


the Rad Mag is a seasonal story-sharing zine filled with fiction, non-fiction, thought pieces, art, and more! The zine features reads like sci-fi pulp noir series "The Cleanup Man", spells and more by our resident witch, and seasonal vibes from guest contributors. the Rad Mag strives to spread wild imagination. It shouts to the universe with chill poetry. the Rad Mag is reality dreams. 


Step into the Rad Mag today!

Click on a season below to read a .pdf of the entire zine.


the Rad Mag is made by hand, built scrapbook style, using as many leftover paper bits as possible. The final zine is copied onto recycled paper (current inventory is 30% recycled) in small batches. It is the intent of Candi Presents for the Rad Mag to be enjoyed, shared, and reused! Each issue includes ideas for what readers can do with the zine next. The editor’s favorite - crumpled pages used as color pop-y packing balls. 

the Rad Mag would love to hang out! 

This spunky zine is available for single issue purchase or a full year subscription!

-Subscription for your business' waiting space 

-Wholesale for your awesome store

-Fun reads for your home

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