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Dessert love story bon bons.JPG
by Candi Bartlett | 02/13/2022

three mini tales of indulgence

The Truest Love

You ask for nothing, but are everything. 

You are rich and deep, sometimes tart.

Smooth perfection, your fluffy softness is only made more perfect with a spread of lush chocolate. Just the smallest bit sweeter than its springy counterpart, the rolling hills of fudgey topping create the perfect balance. 

Your fragrance fills memories; you melt on tongues, turning every sense into velvet. 

With each bite, gooey comfort wraps around - everything is always wonderful when you are near.

You, dear, sweet chocolate cake - you are the truest of loves. 


Squeezable and round, 

Bouncing up and down,

Perfect for kissing and patting.

They wave goodbye, 

With their swinging beat dance - 

Butt cheeks make everyone happy. 


It was shiny in the light and fit so well in her hand. It was probably her most favorite thing ever to hold. It was sticky and wet, but hard and strong and everything she imagined it could be. She didn’t want to get too excited, that could ruin the moment. The only thing she could do was vibrate with happiness. It smelled like candy and salt when she brought her tongue to it. She smiled while taking her first bite. Meat rolled around in her mouth, shredding between her teeth. It was perfect, her first human heart. It felt like the smile on her face was permanent. The swallow was big and loud, her mouth immediately open for bite two. She was going to eat so many hearts. She couldn’t wait for them to go straight to her hips. 

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