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Get the first year of the Rad Mag - all four 2021 issues in one sweet-ass package!


the Rad Mag explores some of the stranger aspects of humanity with stories not found in the digital zine! Featured in these issues:


"The Cleanup Man" - Mini pulp noir series - a new case in every issue! 

Political prose

Fun Fiction

Seasonal poetry

Radical think pieces

Earth Transmissions - Strange and unusual intel from planet weird


The first year of the Rad Mag contains contributions and features by amazing humans: 


✨ Beltane celebrating for all and The Lovers Card - 2022 vibes by @thesubtleknife

✨Humans share their biggest scares - real tales of terror by @noodlingaround, @ruruskadoo, and Kira Ross

✨The Color of Summer with @jennibcreative

✨Art by @eviltemptressnd 

✨Snow - a piece about remembering by Sara


Step into the reality dream - pick up the Rad Mag today!




Issues #1-4 many pages of fun printed on 30% recycled paper

the Rad Mag 2021

$20.00 Regular Price
$12.00Sale Price
  • Zine issues are printed per order. Orders are typically filled 2-3 days after they are placed and sent by regular U.S. mail. 

    Note: no tracking information available.

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