It's art and politics, science and pop culture! A new chat show filled with super opinions and [gasp] real facts!

Join Candi and Noodle as they try to make sense of the world, muse on the human condition, and spread a little love. And probably hardcore judge a few things. 

Warning: So much adult language.

S1 Ep1: We Have Learned to Imatoot You Exarctly

The first episode has landed - Welcome to Chacharone! 

In this episode you'll find pondering on the mishaps of miscommunication, how important it is to step out of our comfort zones, and a very passionate call for net neutrality allies. Also, funny family stories. 

Also, we so almost know what we're doing. 

Thanks for listening!

~Candi & Noodle

Chacharone is hosted by:

two relatively put together adult humans


writer, editor producer
Owner of Candi Presents bringing content of all kinds to the universe. She has previously co-hosted Mulder, it's us. An X-Files Podcast.


Owner and head editor of Be Write, Managing Producer of Dungeon Master, and overall plan maker. The biggest bookworm you know with a lot of emphatic opinions.