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The Fall issue is here! 


In Issue #3, INCOGNITO, the Rad Mag explores some of the spookier aspects of humanity with stories not found in the digital zine! Featured in this issue -


"The Cleanup Man" - Mini pulp noir series - a new case in every issue! 

“Weird, They Said” - Perspective prose

Featured Art by @eviltemptressnd

Earth Transmissions - Strange and unusual intel from planet weird

It’s A Scream! - Humans share their biggest scare with @booksandmybaby, Kira Ross, and @ruruskadoo

Important Vibes


Step into Fall with the Rad Mag today!! 





Issue #3 - 14 pages of fun printed on 30% recycled paper

the Rad Mag | Fall 2021 | Incognito

$5.00 Regular Price
$4.00Sale Price
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