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Hello, Winter lady!  


In Issue #12, JOY, the Rad Mag explores the nature of humanity with stories not found in the digital zine! Featured in this issue - 


“The Cleanup Man” - sci-fi pulp noir series - a new case in every issue! 

2024 Community Tarot Spread by @thesubtleknife

A Wine for Winter with @wineguidebri (

Seasonal Poetry

Hopeful Prose

Coloring Page

MEGA Word Search


Step into Winter with the Rad Mag today! 



Issue #12 - 18 pages of fun printed on 30% recycled paper

the Rad Mag | Winter 2023 | Joy

  • Stationery orders are typically filled 2-3 days after they are placed and sent by regular U.S. mail. Any item described as “created with order”  is typically filled 7 days after being placed. 

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