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Step into the season! Candi Presents is super stoked to put together this Halloweeny Bundle featuring spooky reads from the Rad Mag and stationery fun! Each frightfully fun Halloweeny Bundle comes with: 


-the Rad Mag | Fall 2021 | Incognito 

-the Rad Mag | Fall 2022 | Spook

-four teeny cover art holographic stickers

-two handmade Costume Heart Stickers

-one coloring page | featured in Issue #10 | Burn 




-one brand new Candi Presents card featuring our new Cheeky Pumpkins design!


Navigate the weird universe with The Cleanup Man, sci-fi pulp noir staple of the zine. These two issues include terrifying flash fiction, big human scares, and strange poetry. Featuring contributions from @eviltemptressnd @booksandmybaby and @ruruskadoo.


Perfect for you, perfect for your spooky best friend - get or give a Halloweeny Bundle today!




-the Rad Mag | Fall 2021 | Incognito = 1 zine

-the Rad Mag | Fall 2022 | Spook = 1 zine

-four teeny cover art holographic stickers = 2 of each cover

-two handmade Costume Heart Stickers = random from pictured selection

-one coloring page | featured in Issue #10 | Burn  = 1 half page size coloring page

-one Cheeky Pumpkins card, blank = approx 3.5"x2.4", handmade

-"Handmade" | Items made by hand have inconsistencies in color and shape because art! 


a Halloweeny Bundle

  • Zine issues are printed per order. Orders are typically filled 2-3 days after they are placed and sent by regular U.S. mail. 

    Stationery orders are typically filled 2-3 days after they are placed and sent by regular U.S. mail. Any item described as “created with order”  is typically filled 7 days after being placed.

    Note: no tracking information available. 

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