Candi Presents...

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The X-Files is back! Join Candi and Jen with a week by week rundown of Season 10 plus coverage of hard-hitting topics and questions like:

The pain of losing The Lone Gunmen and how to cope.

Why does Skinner have such a sweet hip sway when he walks?
Why did it take Candi 15 years to realize Mulder was married pre-X-Files?

Why does Bill Scully hate everything?

---- Season 1----

In Episode 06, The Wrap Up, Jen and Candi discuss the mythology, the man behind it all, and the sad goodbye (for now?). Also, Deadpool. Because Deadpool. *spoilers*

In Episode 05, This Is The End, Jen and Candi break down “My Struggle II”, the true evil of CSM, the fall of humanity, and space ships. And space ship beams. And explosions. Also, science rules. *spoilers*
In Episode 04, The Big Trip, Jen and Candi break down "Babylon", the power of words, Mulder and Scully 2.0, Sam Hodiak, and Skinner's perfect head. (Candi might have a problem.) *spoilers*

In Episode 03, The Heavy, Jen and Candi break down "Home Again", the human suck factor, and how Bill Scully still deserves a smack. *spoilers*

In Episode 02, Fox in fox on Fox, Jen and Candi break down "Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster". Also, Scully's hotness. Also, red manties. *spoilers*

In Episode 01, Mitch Pileggi, we are sorry, Jen and Candi break down "My Struggle" and "Founder's Mutation". Also, Mitch Pileggi's sweet hips, which was an accident. Sort of. *spoilers*

In Episode 00, Expanded Intro, Jen and Candi review their favorite characters from the previous nine seasons and the Mulder/Scully relationship, including all the controversy, as they gear up for the s10 premier! 

Update: In her excitement, Candi says Adam Baldwin is on Battleship in error. He appears on The Last Ship on TNT.