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Candi & Candi Presents

Candi Presents was once a paper crafting and party design store. I created gift tags and designed themed stationary. In 2009, I was looking for a creative outlet while in college in my late 20’s and working full time - turning my crafting into something bigger made the most sense - it was already so much fun! 


As writing and editing became more of a personal focus, and the time and footwork needed to move to the next level with paper crafting and party design became less possible, Candi Presents took a little nap. Still there, floating around, Etsy store looming empty in the distance. 

I took the first steps to expanding Candi Presents into publishing just before the COVID-19 pandemic swept the freaking globe (be sure to check out Enceladus, the accidentally too close to real life sci-fi story about humans and their choices, released in spring 2020). In 2021, I started the Rad Mag, a zine focused on human stories and radical thought; it took two issues for me realize Candi Presents had found its way back paper crafting! Illustrating, scrap booking - these things that I love found their way into my writing. Turns out, publishing and packaging are super close friends and I think the three of us are going to have an excellent time. We have got so many fun plans. 

The most important thing to me - the through line of my life and all of my personal and professional creativity - is stories. What do we want? What experience are we having? What super important piece to the humanity puzzle are we feeling? 

Let’s share the vibes and find out.