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It's art and politics, science and pop culture! A new chat show filled with super opinions and [gasp] real facts!

Join Candi and Noodle as they try to make sense of the world, muse on the human condition, and spread a little love. And probably hardcore judge a few things. 

Warning: So much adult language.

---- Season 1 ----

In this episode, Candi and Noodle talk all the 2018 things! Highs and lows in politics, movies, and more, what we hope to see in 2019, and resolution history. Also heartburn and growin' humans. 

It has been one year since we started chatting at you and we can't thank you enough for taking this journey with us. We wish you the very best in 2019 and always ❤️


Thank you for listening!


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In this episode, Candi and Noodle talk parties - throwin' them, having them, cleaning up after them. We've got boomboxes, puppet shows, full-on humping, and the occasional party fire. Also, kids are dumb. 

Bonus: We're working on party decorations for an upcoming party. It's the partiest show that ever partied.


Special shout out: Happy Birthday, Katie! I love you, boo, even though you puked on me that one time. <3 


Thank you to all the rad people who attended Forever Young Prom - we had a blast! 

Happy Birthday, Jennifer!! ❤️


📸|Mike + The Musicians play Forever Young Prom 11/17/2018

In this episode, Candi and Noodle ruminate on Halloween. The Christmas creep, Sixlets, Clyde of the Dead, and Kurt Russell. Also, IS all of your candy filled with razor blades? All this and more awaits you at - Chacharone!! [insert spooky music]


Share your favorite costume, trick or treat story - all the Halloween fun - here and at!


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Welcome to BONUS EPISODES! In these super specific mini-sodes, Candi and Noodle focus on a topic or do a thing. Family, culture, and somehow bathroom fixtures are on the menu. Psst, nice genes ;)  

In this episode, Candi and Noodle are joined by Kira, a badass gaming industry gem, to talk all of the changes that come with moving and adulting. We talk Buffy life goals, expectations, making friends, a different kind of expectations - hell, we even have a sad xmas story for you!

Come on down for chosen family with a cheery side of lonelines and a passionate af Political Minute.

Special Appearance: Kira's sultry laugh.


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Thank you @kiraross7 for joining us! We love you in every city, in all the sexy ways.


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📷: The Charmery | Hampden, Baltimore, MD 

In this episode, Candi and Noodle are joined by #teamtinyferrari answering your questions and chattin' about your submissions! We've got wacky old people, kayak otter, jeff bridges, the many problems with reboots, pumpkin the racoon and so much more - come on down!

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In this episode, Candi and Noodle are joined by Josh of A Gleeful Podcast and Beat Down talking about the problematic things we love. Separating art from the artist, incels, and parasocial relationships are on the table and shit gets real thanks to the Kardashians. Served with a healthy dose of musicals. 


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June 30th March and Rally | Families Belong Together: Freedom for Immigrants (LA)

Evil Temptress Designs | IG: @eviltemptressnd  

In this episode, Candi and Noodle are joined by Jen of Mulder, It's Us: An X-Files Podcast and A Gleeful Podcast to talk women at work! We talk Wonder Woman, the name game, the confidence a mentor brings, and the timeless minute taking expectations. 


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Good scifi times: Mulder, it's us: An X-Files Podcast - Seasons 1 and 2 avail now! | @mulderitsus for updates! 

**SPOILER NOTE: The Avengers: Infinity War is this month's Fandoms Anonymous!! SPOILER NOTE**

In this episode, Candi and Noodle muse on fake science. Flat Earthers, cow culture, climate change, and the expiration date of the twinkie. Also, potato salad makes a pretty solid appearance.


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Danielle Armknecht for Mayor of Bertram, TX! | #strongerbetterbertram

Local Show Alert - Dungeon Master, May 20th! | @DungeonMasterLA for details!

Mulder, it's us: An X-Files Podcast - Seasons 1 and 2 avail now! | @mulderitsus for updates! 

In this episode, Candi and Noodle do the first of hopefully many Grab Bag episodes! We pull questions and topics submitted by you from a fancy party hat and (attempt) to discuss each in five mintues. We have favorite childhood memories, Brandon Walsh and Kelly Taylor thoughts, musicals, politics, and the man/chore conundrum. Also, so much more. Also, we had the best time - Thanks for the submissions! 

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#StrongerBetterBertram - Danielle Armknecht for Mayor of Bertram Texas!

In this episode, Candi and Noodle take a look at the gun control in the U.S. and the amazing activism led by American children. Candi gets a little too excited (read: how many times is she going to use the word "amazing") and Noodle brings all the facts and perspective as the child of a teacher. It is time for real gun law reform!!

Also, Emma Gonzalez, the second you run for office we will send all the emails and pass out so many stickers. 

Young people: contact Chacharone with thoughts, feelings, and what you are doing in your community to change the future! |

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March For Our Lives - March 24, 2018 | |

Everytown for Gun Safety | |

Drain the NRA #grabyourwallet |

In this episode, Candi and Noodle dive into the #MeToo movement, Believe Women, and officially join the conversation about women in the United States and the world. This is only the beginning.

We try to be not so serious, but everything is pretty gross, so it's hard. 

S1 Ep1: We Have Learned to Imatoot You Exarctly

The first episode has landed - Welcome to Chacharone! 

In this episode you'll find pondering on the mishaps of miscommunication, how important it is to step out of our comfort zones, and a very passionate call for net neutrality allies. Also, funny family stories. 

Also, we so almost know what we're doing. 

Thanks for listening!

~Candi & Noodle