The X-Files is back! Join Candi and Jen with a week by week rundown of Season 11 plus coverage of hard-hitting topics and questions like:

What's the deal with CSM's face? 

The pain of losing The Lone Gunmen and how to cope.

How does Skinner just keep getting sexier?

In Episode 2Alien Butt Muffins, Jen and Candi break down "This". We say a second goodbye to some old friends, look at the beauty of Mulder and Scully's comfy relationship, and get stoked on some old school government badness led by Erika Price (who is the wind beneath our wings). *spoilers*

Featured in this episdoe:

song: Deuce by The Cardigans

album: The X-Files: The Album - Fight the Future

year: 1998

available on Amazon

fun fact: you can even find it on cassette. you're welcome. 

S2 E1: beLIEve 

Season 11 of The X-files is here! Join Candi and Jen as they breakdown "My Struggle III". Also, the true evil of CSM. Also, the Spender genes. *spoilers*

Featured in this episode:

song: X-Files Theme [P.M. Dawn remix] - P.M. Dawn

album: Songs in the Key of X: Music from and inspired by 'the X-Files'

year: 1996

available on Amazon

seriously, you should have this album

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